What is Reward the Fan?

Reward the Fan is a live trivia game show app where players answer trivia questions to earn Reward Dollars and a chance to win tickets to see live events. Play during our live game with our hosts, and win reward dollars for getting answers right. Redeem your Reward Dollars for tickets. If a player answers all of the questions correctly they'll split our Reward Dollar Grand Prize and be entered into our randomizer to win the tickets to that show's event.

How Much Does it Cost?

Nothing! The app is FREE to download from the App Store and Google Play Store! You DO NOT need to spend money in order to play or win the game.

How Do I Play?

To learn about how to play Reward The Fan Trivia, please check out our How To Play section and read the rules!

What are Reward Dollars?

Reward Dollars can be earned by answering trivia questions, referring friends who play, and more! Reward Dollars can be redeemed for tickets to any event on our site or app.

Why does Reward the Fan Require a phone number to sign up?

Reward The Fan requires a phone number in order to verify and protect all accounts. This verification process helps to prevent users from trying to sign up with multiple devices and/or create multiple accounts.

How do I get Extra Lives?

To earn an extra life, refer your friends using your referral code.

What is My Referral Code?

Your referral code is your UserID. Share your UserID with your friends and after they play their first game, you'll receive an Extra Life, and so will they!

How do I use an Extra Life during a game?

If you answer a question incorrectly, you will be prompted with a pop up asking if you want to use an Extra Life. Tap, 'Use Life' to use it in that game and get back in on the action! You can only use one Extra Life per game, and not on the final question.

What is the Refer Friends feature?

For every friend you refer using your Referral Code, you will receive an extra life, and so will they! In addition to that, you will also earn 5 cents in Reward Dollars for every question they answer correctly.

My friend joined using my Referral Code, but I haven't received my Extra Life.

Not to worry! First, confirm with your friend that they spelled your UserID correctly. You'll receive an Extra Life ONLY once they've played their first game.

Where can I add a Referral Code after registering?

On the home screen of the app, tap the three-dot button and choose the 'Add Referral' option. Type in your referral code and tap 'Okay.'

How can I view the Reward Dollars I've earned through referring friends?

On the home screen of the app, tap on the 'Reward Dollars' tab and you'll be able to view a breakdown of all of your Reward Dollars earned.

My stream is not clear. How can I fix this issue?

First, make sure you are connected to a strong WiFi connection or have strong cell service. If you are still having any streaming issues, tap on the Reward The Fan icon in the upper left corner of the game. Exit the game and re-enter by tapping on the Play Game Button on the bottom left of the home screen. If this does not fix your issue, please email us at !

I won the Grand Prize Ticket Lottery and can't find any events near me, what should I do?

Grand Prize Ticket Lottery winners receive a list of events to choose from. Please verify that your location has been input correctly. If you are still not seeing a list of events in your area, please contact us at

I won the Grand Prize Ticket Lottery, can I transfer my tickets to someone else?

For any ticket-related issues, please contact us at .

I redeemed my Reward Dollars for tickets but haven't received them yet, what should I do?

For any ticket related issues, please contact us at

Can I combine my Reward Dollars with another player's?

Reward The Fan accounts can not be combined. For further questions, please email us at!

I'd like a shoutout for my birthday, or another special event. How can I submit that information?

We'd love to give you a shoutout! Please email us at

How can I make sure I don't miss a game?

Be sure to turn on push notifications! Tap the 'About' question mark in the top right corner of the home screen of the app. Then go to the Settings tab and make sure the notification button is turned on!

I'd like to send feedback or suggest a cool feature. How can I do that?

We love your feedback! Email us at with any information.

I'm writing an article or looking to interview someone about Reward The Fan.Who can I reach out to?

Awesome! Email us at with details.

I want to work at Reward The Fan. How can I apply?

We'd love to have you on the team! Email us at to inquire.

How can I submit trivia questions to be used in the live games?

Check out our Submit Trivia tab under our 'About' section. Be sure that your questions are relevant to our 'live events' theme.

I'd like to partner with Reward The Fan, who can I contact?

Please email us at with all of the details!

How do I submit a complaint about copyright, impersonation, trademark, or other Terms of Service issues?

Review our Terms of Service and Rules for more information. They can be found under the About section in the Settings tab. For any other issues, email us at

I LOVE Reward The Fan, how can I leave a review on the App or Google Play stores?

We are so glad you're enjoying our app! Check us out on the App Store and Google Play Store to leave a review!

Having any other trouble?

Contact us at with any issues you're having.